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If looks could kill, then the Hobo Spider would be one of the most dangerous spiders in our service area. While this creepy spider does contain some venom in its bite, it is not considered by medical professionals to be poisonous to humans. The hobo spider was first reported in the United States in the 1930’s arriving in Seattle in shipping containers from Europe.  Since first arriving hobo spiders have spread through eastern Washington to Montana and as far south as Salt Lake City. Although hobo spiders are sometimes referred to as aggressive house spiders, they are actually not aggressive and mostly prefer to wait for meals to stumble into their funnel webs.

This swift running spider is mostly found on the ground because it is not a good climber like other spiders. Hobo spiders prefer to build their homes in holes, cracks or other recesses in homes that can support their funnel webs. Hobo spiders will most likely only be seen running across the floor unless someone stumbles onto their nest. Outdoors hobo spiders build their nests in retaining walls, under large rocks, or in wood piles. Indoors the basement or ground levels of homes is where they are found most likely in spaces between storage boxes, under base board heaters, or behind furniture.

While hobo spider bites are not considered to be lethal they can still cause serious medical issues depending on the size of the spider, how much venom was released, and the time of year the bites occur. Bites that happen in the winter are most dangerous because they are performed by immature hobo spiders. Hobo spider bites themselves are not too painful, usually reported to feel like a pin prick, however soon the bite can cause numbness, swelling, and blistering, eventually causing necrotic lesions. Hobo spider bites can also cause severe headaches, nausea, and sweating. If you suspect you have been bitten by a hobo spider it’s important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible to prevent any further medial problems.

If you see a hobo spider in your home the best protection is to contact a trained pest control company like Senske Services. Our technicians can not only get rid of the hobo spiders currently in your home but prevent others from entering as well. Contact Senske Services today for hobo spider control.

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