These are the most common types of spiders that a homeowner will come across during their lifetime.

Black Widows:

  • ½” in sizeshutterstock_152352431
  • Adult female carries dangerous venom
  • Shiny, black body with a red hour glass underbelly
  • Likes to hide in dark, undisturbed areas
  • Most active at night
  • Usually only attacks in self-defense
  • Bites are most dangerous to young and elderly

Brown Recluse:

  • ¼”-3/4” in sizeshutterstock_129778322
  • Dark, violin shape on the top of the leg
  • Predominantly found in Southern parts of US.
  • Bites can cause tissue loss and necrosis

Yellow Sac Spider:

  • 1/4”-3/8” in sizeshutterstock_81839737
  • Garden dwellers
  • Good climbers
  • Active at night
  • Bite feels like a bee sting
  • Bites can cause swelling or sores

Hobo Spider:

  • ½ – ¾ “ in size
  • Reluctant biters
  • Not aggressiveshutterstock_113117005
  • Dark brown body with distinct yellow marks on abdomen
  • Usually found in basements or ground-floor levels
  • Bites can cause blisters, nausea or weakness
  • Commonly found in Western parts of the U.S.

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