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With fall fast approaching, homeowners need to start preparing for the fall and winter months. This includes protecting their home from invaders, such as spiders, looking for a place to spend the winter. As the weather cools, spiders will look for places in your home to set up a nest and pass the winter. Here are some do-it-yourself tips you can put into action to protect your home and family from invading spiders.

Large Spider
Fall is a prime time for spiders to try and invade your home.

Make sure all doors and windows have screens without tears or holes.

Spiders love to sneak into your home through a holes in screen doors and windows. Repair or replace any torn screens before fall to eliminate that easy entry point for spiders.

Seal around all doors

Spiders can get through even the smallest of spaces. If you can see light coming through, you can be assured it’s an entry way to your home for spiders

Seal around utility lines and appliance vents

One area of entry for spiders that often slips by unnoticed is the tiny gaps around dryer vents, gas lines, or telephone lines. Using caulking around those areas can keep siders out of your home as well as using meshing on any exterior vents.

Upside down spider
Using an exterior spider spray can be one of the best ways to keep your home safe from spiders.

Seal any cracks in the foundation or exterior walls of your home.

Spiders can get into your home through even the tiniest of openings. It’s a good practice to go around the exterior of your home and seal any cracks.

Keep shrubs and trees trimmed back from touching your home.

Branches and shrubs that trough your home become natural bridges for spiders to invade. Keeping those trees and shrubs trimmed back eliminates that natural bridge making it that much more difficult for spiders to get in the house.

Finally the use of an exterior spider barrier, like the one used by Senske Services as part of our pest control services, can help to keep your home spider free all fall and winter guaranteed. Contact Senske Services at 877-944-4007  today to get more information on spider control and exterior spider barrier service.

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