Box Elder Bugs: Keep Them Away From Your Trees

 Box elder bugs are considered a nuisance pest because they do not bite nor do they damage your home or landscape. They also do not transmit any type of diseases, so they are not a health hazard in any way. Box elder bugs are merely just a pain to many homeowners because of their quick inhabitance […]

Spring Pruning Guide

Here is a spring pruning guide that is presented by The Old Farmer’s Almanac. This will provide information on how and when to prune all trees and shrubs. WHAT WHEN HOW Apple Early spring Prune moderately. Keep tree open with main branches well spaced. Avoid sharp V-shaped crotches. Cherry Early spring Prune the most vigorous shoots moderately. Clematis […]

Spider Mites

What Are Spider Mites & How to Get Rid of Them What are Spider Mites? Spider mites are pesky insects that are common in North America which attack both indoor and outdoor plants. They are usually found in colonies and live on the underside of leaves where they feed on the fluid that the leaves […]

Scale Insects

 What is scale? Scale is a type of insect pest that usually hides in evergreen or deciduous trees. They are mostly found on leaves, twigs, branches or trunks of trees. They are very small insects and are easy to go unnoticed. Their bodies have a shell-like feature. There are two main types of scale Softscale- […]

Fruit Tree Sprays

With the warm season upon us, right now is the ideal time to implement a well established maintenance program for your fruit trees.  Let’s take a look at some necessary steps to ensure that your fruit trees are producing their best yield this season. First, make sure to prune in the winter to correct any disease […]

Winter Pruning

During this time of the year frigid temperature and snowy days abound. That being said, it is easy to see why yard care slips most homeowner’s minds. Although the weather can be nasty at times, you may be surprised to learn that pruning your trees during this cold time can actually provide some great benefits […]

What To Do When Wind Causes Tree Damage

There have been a number of wind storms in our service areas resulting in tree damage for many home owners. High winds can be dangerous to many tree types resulting in broken tops and twisted limbs. Unfortunately when dealing with tree damage caused by winds, trees are not able to heal themselves naturally. Instead immediate […]

Aphids: A Sticky Problem

There are few things in life that are more annoying than spending a whole day washing your car only to walk out the next morning and find small sticky spots dripping from a tree branch. This sticky substance is actually called “honeydew” and is the result of your tree being infested with Aphids. Aphids are […]

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