What To Do When Wind Causes Tree Damage

There have been a number of wind storms in our service areas resulting in tree damage for many home owners. High winds can be dangerous to many tree types resulting in broken tops and twisted limbs. Unfortunately when dealing with tree damage caused by winds, trees are not able to heal themselves naturally. Instead immediate […]

Aphids: A Sticky Problem

There are few things in life that are more annoying than spending a whole day washing your car only to walk out the next morning and find small sticky spots dripping from a tree branch. This sticky substance is actually called “honeydew” and is the result of your tree being infested with Aphids. Aphids are […]

How To Decide If Tree Removal Is Necessary

Laying in the shade of a large tree on a summer’s afternoon can be one of the most relaxing times of a day. Trees not only add some relief from the sun on a hot summer’s day, but also can help the looks of your yard. For as much relaxation as they bring, trees can […]

Dormant Oil Treatment

No one likes to walk out to their car and find a bunch of sticky spots caused from parking under a tree. These spots are caused by a substance called “honeydew” that is created by a small tree insect called aphids. These small insects suck nutrients and sap out of trees and can be a […]

Winter Tree Pruning

The cold of winter doesn’t really inspire the desire to do yard work. However, winter is a prime time to consider giving your trees a probably much needed pruning. Winter tree pruning is a perfect time for home owners to give their trees some maintenance that will help them start spring with great head start. […]

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