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shutterstock_198672839There are few things in life that are more annoying than spending a whole day washing your car only to walk out the next morning and find small sticky spots dripping from a tree branch. This sticky substance is actually called “honeydew” and is the result of your tree being infested with Aphids.

Aphids are small insects that feed off of tender parts of tree and plants. They use their long, needle shaped, mouth parts to suck fluid out of the plants. This can cause leaves to start looking yellow and curl up around the ends.

Aphids are also a danger to plants because they can spread diseases while feeding from plant to plant. Aphids do not have wings so they do not travel often from plant to plant, but when populations get large enough and food becomes an issue, they will produce one generation of aphids with wings and can travel to surrounding plants.

While a few aphids isn’t too much of a danger to your plants, the problem is they can reproduce and take over a plant very quickly. It’s important to catch aphids before they damage too much of the tree or plant. Also large populations of aphids will produce large amounts of honeydew that can not only drip onto your car, but they also attract other insects like ants that feed off the sticky mess.

Don’t allow aphids to take over your plants and trees. If you starts seeing sticky residue on the leaves of your plants it’s a sign of a bigger problem Contact Senske Services and our expert tree care aphid control professionals can inspect your tree and treat any aphid issues.

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