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Healthy Spring TreeLaying in the shade of a large tree on a summer’s afternoon can be one of the most relaxing times of a day. Trees not only add some relief from the sun on a hot summer’s day, but also can help the looks of your yard. For as much relaxation as they bring, trees can also be the source of apprehension as well when they are in danger of falling, and need to be removed. Deciding if tree removal is necessary is a big decision for tree owners, and can be a difficult one to make. Tree removal is an undertaking that should always be taken on by a certified arborist who can determine if a tree needs to be removed, and how to achieve it successfully. Here are also some tips for tree owners who are deciding if tree removal is necessary.

Tree removal is recommended if 50% or more of the tree is damaged. Look for trunk damage including vertical cracks, seams, dead brank stubs, and large older wounds. If there is damage over only 25% of the tree, tree removal shouldn’t be necessary as the tree should heal naturally. A leaning tree is also evidence that there could be a larger problem in the trunk effecting the stability. A certified arborist can determine the extent of damage of the tree and if tree removal is needed.

Evidence of large dead branches, or dead branches on one side of the tree are also prime indications that tree removal is required. Large dead branches are a danger to people and property. Dead branches on one side of the tree can be an indication that the tree is dealing with a disease on one side, causing the tree to be unstable.

Remember the first step to safe tree removal is to contact a certified arborist like those at Senske Services. Contact us today and schedule a time for one of our tree experts to visit your home and help you decide if tree removal is right for your tree.

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