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There have been a number of wind storms in our service areas resulting in tree damage for many home owners. High winds can be dangerous to many tree types resulting in broken tops and twisted limbs. Unfortunately when dealing with tree damage caused by winds, trees are not able to heal themselves naturally. Instead immediate pruning can be crucial to keep your tree healthy.

Pruning is very important because it cuts away torn branches, limiting the amount of possible damage to the tree due to it being exposed to open air. Open branches are a prime location for tree damaging insects to enter your tree and cause further tree damage. Also by pruning damaged branches you are helping the tree grow bark to cover the cut area faster than it trying to grow over a torn and ragged edge.

shutterstock_160940324Another form of tree damage caused by wind storms are “split” limbs. This damage is caused by a branch twisting during a storm, and can result in the branch dying. Split limbs also can be dangerous because they can fall on structures or unfortunate passerby’s. ┬áIn the case of torn or split tree damage it is important to have a tree expert asses it quickly and start the repair process. Getting tree damage fixed as quickly as possible not only is the best way to keep your tree growing strong, but also keep your family and property safe.

Senske Services provides quality tree care and pruning services. Call Senske today and one of our trained tree technicians can asses the damage to your tree and provide you a clear plan to fix the problem. Call 877-944-4007 today to speak to one our customer service specialists to schedule your tree repair estimate.

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