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The sun is shining and Spring is right around the corner. Here is a few tips to make sure your lawn looks great for Spring.

 1. Clean up dog left overs

No one wants to dodge dog droppings while trying to do their yard work. Our first step is to get the yard clean of any dog leftovers before we start doing any major work.Rake Up Any

2. Clean Leaves Or Debris

Over the winter month’s leaves and other debris can build up on your lawn. This build up can keep sunlight from getting to the lawn below as well as make it difficult for the lawn to get the other nutrients it needs.

3. Light Rake Matted Down Grass

Raking down the lawn that is matted down during the winter will help air to circulate and help the lawn jump out of dormancy.

4. Aerate Lawn

During the year your lawn suffers a lot of wear. The soil can become compacted and make it difficult for water and nutrients to get to plant roots. Aeration can break up compacted soil and let grass get the food it needs.

5. Power Raking

If you have excessive thatch, using a power rake can help to break up the top level of soil and let water get down to the plants. One thing to remember is that power raking can sometimes make the problem look worse before it gets better so it’s a great idea to fertilize your lawn right after power raking.

shutterstock_1480359386. Spring Fertilization

Spring fertilization can help our lawn get a jump start on the season. The best protection against weeds in summer, is a thick and healthy lawn in Spring.

7. Mow Lawn As Soon As You Can

Mowing your lawn in the Spring can seem like a pain, but it also can encourage your lawn to start growing. Also by starting to mow the lawn as soon as it grows you can train your lawn to grow upward, while also giving it a great and clean look to start the growing season.

8. Do A Good Spring Edging

Doing a good edging in the spring is also a great way to start the growing season with your lawn looking great. We use a blade edger to make sure that we get edges sharp and looking clean.

9. Weed Control

Weeds grow quickly once the weather warms up. As with most problems, weeds are best dealt with before they begin to be a problem. Getting on a weed control program, like those offered by Senske Services, can ensure that your lawn receives the preventative protection it needs.

10. Enjoy!!!

After you’ve done all the work, the next and most important thing to remember is…ENJOY your lawn.

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