noxious weeds in park city

It’s always important to watch out for weeds, but in Park City, Utah, it’s absolutely essential! The city government recently issued an official request for homeowners to eliminate noxious weeds on their property. Defined as invasive plants that cause extreme damage to local ecosystems and disrupt local agricultural production, noxious weeds have to be cleared quickly and consistently. Whether you live in Park City, or elsewhere in the Summit County area, it’s essential that you look out for these invasive plants.

How to Remove Noxious Weeds?

Every homeowner has a number of tools in their arsenal to get rid of and control noxious weeds. Depending on the specific plant you’re dealing with and the extent of the infestation, you can use:

  • Simple Weeding- For many infestations, all you need to do is pull the weeds out as soon as you notice them. You have to be vigilant, as the longer you let a weed grow, the more opportunities it has to spread its seeds through your yard. But if you weed at an early stage, you can stop the weed infestation in its tracks.
  • Weed Control Applications- For infestations that are more extensive or involve hardier plants, weeding may not be enough. In these cases, turn to weed control applications, which can kill even the most resilient weeds on a large scale. Ideally, you should rely on professionals to conduct these control services for you, as they know which products to use and how to apply them without damaging other local plant life.
  • Mulching- Applying a thick layer of mulch will block the sunlight that noxious weeds need to grow in the first place. While this won’t do much to counter an infestation that is already underway, it will help you prevent new noxious weeds from invading your lawn in the future.

With these and all other control measures, it’s important to dispose of the plants in an isolated location. This prevents them from spreading their seeds and beginning a new infestation, so you and your entire community are safe from noxious plants.

Why are Noxious Weeds Bad?

All weeds are a problem, but noxious weeds are particularly serious because they spread so quickly. If you don’t get a handle on an infestation early, it can take over your entire yard, making it extraordinarily difficult to recover.
Besides spreading quickly, noxious weeds have severe negative effects. They are extremely invasive and use up the nutrients and water in your yard, choking out the plants you intended to grow. Many species are toxic to animals when consumed, and therefore a threat to the health of your family and your pets. And noxious weeds are just plain ugly; they’re the last thing you want cluttering up your yard. You should take every opportunity to get rid of them. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of weeds on your property or do not have the time to control them yourself, Senske Services is more than happy to help you overcome your weed problem.

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