Top tips for preventing crab grass in your lawnimages7M2PH699

  1. Apply pre-emergent herbicide before seeds have had to opportunity to sprout. The best time to do this is when the soil temperature is over 60 degrees.
  2. Watering your lawn deeply will prevent it from becoming infested with crab grass since crabgrass flourishes in the sunny, moist lawns.
  3. Don’t mow your grass too short. Weeds require sunlight to grow and longer strands of grass can prevent them from germinating.
  4. Fertilize your lawn as often as you can as it will help thicken and develop stronger roots.
  5. Mulching helps establish healthy soil and will prohibit seed germination.

The best way to control crab grass is through a maintained lawn care program. The more often you can apply fertilizer and weed control crab grassapplications, the healthier your lawn will become. The healthy lawn can eventually choke out the weeds.

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