Billbugs and grubs are turf destroying insects that damage the lawn by feeding on its roots. In cases where large infestations are present, images17BUDDOXthese pesky bugs can actually kill off large areas of the lawn or attract other mammals who will feed on them.

The most common method of control is by using a timed insecticide application on the lawn when they are most present. This is usually late spring or early summer before the pests have had a chance to lay their eggs.



  • A weevil
  • Known as the “Snout Beetle”
  • ½-3” long


  • The larvae stage of different kinds of beetles
  • They are the most damaging to the lawn
  • billbugs, grubs

Grubs are more difficult to control because they will feed in the soil thus, requiring the insecticide to penetrate deep below the root zone. Proper watering techniques can improve the performance of insecticide. You can also try aerating to reduce the thatch layer, allowing the insecticide to better reach the grubs.


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