Clover mites are plant feeders that usually invade the home, but typically will not reproduce there. Their bodies are about 1/30 “so they are near impossible to spot with the naked eye. They are a reddish-greenish color and they have 4 pair of legs, the front 2 of which are longer than the others. They also have feather-like plates on their scales around the abdomen. When they are crushed, they typically leave a rusty or blood-like colored stain behind.

clover mites


Inside the home, they will commonly reside in window sills or in sunny areas.  During the winter, clover mites will overwinter in cracks, crevices or under plants material. Then the eggs will hatch again in the spring when the temperature rises again. During the springtime is when they are most active and become a nuisance.


These pests can be best controlled with a pest control spray around the exterior and the interior of the home. One way to prevent clover mites from entering your home is by keeping soil that is 18-24” around the house clean of grass, weeds, or leaves. There are also plants that are a natural deterrent to clover mites  such as, geranium, zinnia, marigold, rose, and chrysanthemum.


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