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During this time of the year frigid temperature and snowy days abound. That being said, it is easy to see why yard care slips most homeowner’s minds. Although the weather can be nasty at times, you may be surprised to learn that pruning your trees during this cold time can actually provide some great benefits to your trees for next warm season.

Below, are the top reasons why winter pruning your trees or shrubs can be a great help for next season.

  1. Trees are dormant in the winter so it is easier to correct any problems caused by diseases rather than during the warm season when disease are more opt to spread.
  2. It is easier to maneuver equipment to areas that would be otherwise hard to access in the summertime.
  3. The visibility increases because there is not foliage to block your view.shutterstock_241921129
  4. Since the trees are dormant, the fresh wounds will not be exposed for long periods or time.
  5. During the winter the time seems to slow down a bit, which allots more time for maintenance.
  6. It minimizes the risk of fungus or insect infestation.
  7. It is also easier to spot any structural problems at this time and creates an opportunity to enhance the structure of the tree.

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