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Mow High – Mowing your lawn high will help to keep the soil shaded. Most lawn weeds need direct sunlight to grow. By keeping your lawn cut high you can keep weeds out of your lawn.

Make Sure You Feed Your Lawn – The best protection against a weed invasion is a healthy and full lawn. Lawn weeds love to find thin spots in your lawn where they don’t have to compete with grass for nourishment. Fertilizing your lawn helps to ensure your lawn is full and eliminate thin areas.

Water Properly – Along with using fertilizer, making sure you are watering properly is a key component to weed control. Lawn owners are better off doing deep watering a couple times a week where water can get deep into the roots. Shallow watering actually is more beneficial to weeds whose roots don’t go as deep.

Use A Pre-Emergent – If you are still seeing weeds and need a little help to take your control over the top, you can use a pre-emergent treatment. It is always better to take care of a problem before it starts and lawn care professionals can use a pre-emergent service to help your lawn stay weed free all year long.

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