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National Lawn Care Month.

April is National Lawn Care Month, and here at Senske we are excited to share some great tips throughout the month on how you can take even better care of your lawn. We are also going to be having a contest throughout the month of April for a chance to win free lawn care for a YEAR!!!!

To get us started here is some facts you might not know about your lawn:

–        Lawns trap an estimated 12 million tons of dust and dirt annually.

–        Turf grass can actually act as an “air conditioner” to surrounding areas. Turf grass has a much lower temperature than concrete and can help keep areas cool, sometimes up to 22 degrees cooler.

–        It is estimated that a 50×50 ft. lawn releases enough oxygen for a family of four.

Check back with us throughout the month for some more great tips on your lawn as well as information on how you can win free lawn care for a year.

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