The last thing a homeowner wants to see when the snow finally melts away is large white and yellow spots in the lawn. It’s sad to say but it happens to more people than you would think.imagesMRVTE6BO

What is the cause of this you say? It’s simple; snow mold-and it’s making it’s way to a home near you if you aren’t careful.

There are two types of snow mold; either gray or pink. It can be identified by circular patches of dead and matted grass blades that for a web-like shape and have a pinkish, white or yellow mold inside. It can look much like a big circle of slime, sounds pretty gross right? Do not worry, we are here to help!

imagesG0EJNA4V Snow mold can be created when there is a great deal of snow throughout the season. Most likely, the lawn wasn’t mowed short enough at the end of last season and now the soil is wet and has held in that moisture for entirely too long to build up a fungus. Now, the lawn is struggling to fight off the fungus now that the snow has melted.

The best way to control this problem is by doing a light raking to these areas to promote air circulation to these wet spots. It is also beneficial to aerate the soil to break up the moisture and to allow sunlight to dry out these areas. One way to prevent this for next season is to make sure to mow late in the season.

If you would like more information on how to prevent or treat snow mold, please call 1-800-533-6330.

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