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This April is Pest Awareness Month, and for those who are unaware, this tradition has been going strong for 30 years.  The purpose of Pest Awareness Month is to increase public awareness about the risks involved with household pests as well as to educate homeowner’s of the importance of being proactive to prevent pest infestations in and around their home.

Pest prevention is important, and the one of the main reasons is because some pests can cause costly damage for homeowners. The most common of these destroyers are termites, carpenter ants, pigeons, rodents, and cockroaches. Not only can they destroy structures, but they can also cause safety hazards by chewing through wires. Along with damage, pests can also pose health risks by carrying and spreading diseases through their waste or bites.

This April, as the weather warms and the insect activity starts to pick up, make sure to visit to learn about the ways that you can take the necessary steps to be proactive in Pest Prevention this year.

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