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Before I started working for a pest control company I thought that bed bugs were just something my parents warned me about before I went to bed. Imagine my surprise when I found out that bed bugs are not only real, but are one of the most feared and hard to get rid of pests in homes.

Bed bugs are blood sucking insects who invade homes across the country causing many sleepless nights for those who are unfortunate enough to find them in their beds. Adults are about the size an apple seed, but can grow up to three times that size after feeding. These flat, oval shaped bugs are named bed bugs because they are mostly found within the folds of beds, or headboards, where they can be close to their food sources.

Bed bugs are attracted by carbon dioxide, warmth, and certain chemicals. They also have well developed legs that make it easy for them to climb up bed frames, and walls. Although bed bugs are not exclusive to bed rooms in homes, they will congregate in areas that are close to humans making it easy for them to feed.

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult insects to deal with because of their tendency to be resistant to traditional pest control methods. They are also are resilient to most environmental conditions, except for extreme heat. Bed bugs will die when exposed to high heats, around 115 degrees Fahrenheit, for an extended amount of time.

Bed bug bits can resemble the red swelling of a mosquito bite, with a difference being a red dot that is found in the middle of the bite. They do not show up right away, and in some cases can take up to a week to appear. The bites also usually show up in groups of three.

Bed Bug IsolatedWhile bed bug bites are not necessarily dangerous on their own, the psychological stress they cause victims can be much more troubling. If you suspect you’re having a problem with bed bugs the most important to step is to have it investigated as soon as possible. Contact a pest control professional in your area and have them inspect your home for bed bugs, and then follow their instructions very carefully during treatment.

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