Stopping An Ant Invasion

You come home from a long day at work, head into the kitchen to start a great meal for the family, and what do you find, a line of ants walking across the counter away from your pantry. Not many things can kill an appetite faster than finding out you’re sharing your food with a colony of ants.The question remains, when you find a colony invading your home what do you do?

There are few tactics you can try to deal with these annoying invaders before you call in the professionals. The first and most important step to dealing with an ant infestation is to determine what type of ant you are dealing with. Not all ants are dealt with the same, so to save you the headache of trying something that isn’t going to work, determining the type of ant is a crucial first step.

Ant control is also a matter of prevention. A deep cleaning of the house can help to disrupt the environments that ants thrive in, and encourage them to find residence elsewhere. Washing with bleach and sealing cracks at the bottom of the house, where ants use to gain entry, can also force a colony to move. Another preventative measure that can be used to displace  ants is to track them back to their hill and flooding it with water.

Finally ants can also be controlled through the use of sweet and protein baits depending on the species. This adds to the importance of determining what species of ants you are dealing with.

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