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Spring is fast approaching and it is important for homeowners to prepare their yards and trees for the warmer weather. Fortunately, with the proper assistance, this can be done by performing any or all of the following recommendations.

First, lawn core aeration is an important treatment for thatch accumulation and for promoting overall lawn health by giving roots and soil access to air, water and fertilization. It is the best way to reduce a thatch problem by removing plugs of soil, roots, shoots and grass plants. The core is then deposited on to the surface of the lawn and leaves room for air, water and seeds. During the winter, many lawns are susceptible to snow mold which can destroy the grass resulting in a thinning turf.

Another important part of yard care is restarting the sprinkler or irrigation system. Senske advises that homeowners hire a professional technician to restart in-ground irrigation systems if there are concerns after a very cold winter. This could be the key to avoiding any unnecessary and costly repairs as a result of a broken pipe.

In addition, it is also important for homeowners to take the time to clean up yard debris, remove broken branches, or rake up dead leaves. This will allow for new growth and prevent lawn problems when the warmer weather arrives.

Senske has experienced and licensed professional technicians to assist in lawn aeration services and irrigation. For more information on preparing yards for spring, visit Senske Services for a free estimate.

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