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The sun is out and the outdoors are beckoning us to get out and enjoy the weather! Warm summer months means more time spent in your yard, whether it’s a family barbeque or a lazy afternoon on the grass, now is the time to keep your lawn at its very best. Lawn care isn’t an easy task though, there are many factors that come between you and a healthy lawn. Senske offers a few summer lawn care tips to overcome the challenges you may face.

Early Summer

Fertilizing your lawn before summer reaches its peak should be done sooner than later. Fertilizer is important because a strong turf is more resistant to hotter, drier weather. Slow-release fertilizer is helpful in distributing nutrients in your soil over time, even in drought conditions.

Apply grub control treatment. Summer is when grubs begin to emerge and start eating away at your grass. Grub control is the best way to stop a potential grub infestation from ruining your lawn. You should be on much higher alert if you have battled grubs in your lawn or your neighbor is having grub issues. Senske lawn care technicians can detect and eliminate an infestation quickly and effectively.

When mowing your lawn, adjust your mower to a higher setting. Leaving your grass at a longer length allows for deeper root growth. Stronger roots can extract more water and nutrients from the soil than shallow roots. In addition, longer grass blades mean that soil will be cooler and will need less water. After mowing, we recommend leaving grass clippings behind for additional food for your lawn.

Weed control is most needed during the summer. The sunlight is good for your grass but it also feeds unwanted weeds! If you are overwhelmed by the number of weeds sprouting up on your property, Senske is happy to help with weed control and prevention.

Mid Summer

Once summer is in full swing, your grass will feel the effects of the hot sun more intensely. You may think that watering more will keep brown spots from appearing, and we don’t blame you. However, the key for summer watering is not as how much as when. Watering in the cool of the early morning is best for water retention.

Once the sun rises, the ground will heat up, evaporation all the precious water. Watering in the morning gives your grass a chance to absorb moisture before it disappears. Another tip is to not water at night. If water is left unevaporated on your lawn overnight may leave your grass susceptible to lawn diseases.

When you do water, test your soil by using a trowel or screwdriver to lift up some soil after a sprinkler cycle. You should be watering long enough to penetrate the soil 4-6 inches deep. Keeping your lawn sprinkler or irrigation system fully operational is vital to the survival of your lawn during the hottest months. Senske offers complete sprinkler maintenance and repair to keep your grass well-watered.

Late Summer

Keep your lawn mower blades sharp. Dull blades will tear rather than mow your grass cleanly. Rough-cut grass loses moisture more quickly and is more likely to dry out. Stick to your watering routine of early morning, between 6 and 10 am. By careful monitoring and vigilant with lawn care, even the hottest and driest summers won’t be able to phase your lawn.

We hope that these lawn care tips will help you protect and nurture your lawn this summer. You may decide that you need assistance from a professional lawn care company in order to keep your grass green and healthy all season. If the time and effort that your lawn requires is more than you want to invest in, call Senske for a free estimate on our services. You can find out how our experienced technicians can keep your landscape in top shape so you can get out and enjoy your summer!

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