images4NGPZUFW Core aeration is the process of exposing your air to soil when you remove plugs of soil out from the turf. Core aeration allows water and nutrients to get deep into the root system and will improve the quality of your lawn. It develops stronger roots that will be able to withstand greater stress in the future.

Here are some top reasons why aeration is beneficial for any lawn:

  • Lawns with heavy foot traffic are in dire need of aeration to break up the compacted soil which will in turn allow for more air to flow and move throughout the soil.
  • Roots, like all plants, need oxygen so if it is compacted then that can hinder root development.
  • It will allow better water absorption
  • Develop a healthier topsoil beneath the grass
  • Encourages fertilizer and pesticide absorption
  • Breaks up thatch build-up

It is best to aerate at least once a year but if your lawn has heavy foot traffic, dense soil, or has a large thatch layer then you should consider doing it more often.

How to prep your lawn for an aerationimagesHY46DUNO

  • Mark your sprinklers
  • Mow and water beforehand
  • Don’t aerate if soil is too damp
  • Make a couple passes over the lawn to ensure an even cover

After the aeration you will want to leave the plugs on the lawn to naturally decompose. This is also an pot time to re-seed the lawn, as the seeds will penetrate deep into the soil.

If you would like more information on lawn aeration services, please call 1-800-533-6330.

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