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Since our beginning, Senske has been dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. From reliable lawn care, to experienced arborists, and precision pest control, countless families and businesses rely on us to care for their properties. We understand how much you care for your home, which is why our experienced technicians offer professional advice to help you keep your lawn healthy.

From mowing techniques, to watering tips, and other lawn care facts, these lawn care tips are for your own personal use:

Lawn Mowing Guide

Mowing your lawn is more than just keeping the grass blades at a consistent length. Mowing is actually an important part of your lawn’s overall health. Brush up on your knowledge of lawn mowing with these handy tips.

Lawn Watering Guide

Is watering your lawn a mystery? Lawn irrigation is crucial to sustaining green grass, but too much watering can do just as harm as watering too little. Get expert lawn watering tips from Senske.

Healthy Lawn Thatch

Thatch is the build up of dead turfgrass that accumulates between the roots and the green grass blades over time. Find out how to maintain a healthy level of thatch and whether dethatching is a good for your lawn or not.

What is Turf Grass?

Turf grass is a common term used when referring to lawns. Learn a few interesting facts about turf grass, one of the most important plants on earth.

Lawn Care Tips, Advice, and Service

Get the best lawn care advice from the professionals at Senske! Need help keeping your lawn green and healthy? Contact us for a free estimate on lawn care services.

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