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There are few things that can cause terror for lawn owners like looking out the window and seeing a lawn covered in damage left from a vole infestation. Voles feed on plant roots, trunks, stems, tubers, and leaves. These gray-brown rodents are relatively small, usually growing between four and five inches long, but can spread at a rapid rate having up to 35 young per year.

Vole Close UpVoles can cause major damage to lawns and fields. They create tunnels and feed on plant roots during the day, and create runways for feeding above ground at night. Voles can eat nearly twice their body weight daily, making quick work of your lawn. Vole tunnels can also damage irrigation systems causing pipes to break, and major headaches for lawn owners.

It is important to deal with a vole infestation as quickly as possible. Some signs that voles are invading your lawn include trails running through grass that can make your lawn look like a map, holes in the ground with a diameter of a broom handle, and destroyed flower bulbs. Voles also damage trees by eating bark closest to the ground causing rings to be visible near the base of the tree. Most lawn owners first notice a vole problem in the spring after snow has melted and trails are most visible.

If voles are spotted it’s imperative to contact a trained pest control professional as soon as possible. Senske Services offers guaranteed vole removal at all of our locations, and can remove these destructive rodents from your lawn quickly and professionally. Call Senske at 877-944-4007 with any concerns or questions about voles.

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