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Commercial Ice Safety Tips

At this time of the year, it’s common to have daily ice and snow warnings on the weather report. That is why businesses should be more aware of the importance of winter safety, not only for their employees but for their customers. This awareness will help to prevent any high-priced insurance claims.

The best way to prevent injuries is by practicing maintenance. If you have not hired anyone to take care of this maintenance for you, then it might be a good idea to check into it now. Otherwise, there are some simple and effective ways that you can practice winter safety at your business. These tips will help keep your visitors safe from injury.

  1. Practicing prompt snow removal services from the parking lot can greatly reduce that risk of falls.
  2. Make sure to examine holes or cracks in the parking lot to ensure that you have treated all hard-to-see areas for ice. Blacktop parking lots can make it especially hard to see these areas.shutterstock_241905859
  3. Always put down salt right away after any type of snow or ice activity.
  4. Make sure any handrails are free of ice and snow. These rails should be providing support to employees and customer’s so you will need to make sure they are easy to grab.
  5. Check the lighting around the exterior of your business to ensure that all areas are well-lit to prevent injuries.
  6. Keep floor mats dry and clean as they have a tendency to collect ice and snow build-up.

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