Senske Services: Lawn & Tree Care, Pest Control Pricing Plans

Senske offers full service Lawn Care, Tree Care and Pest Control year around. We serve parts of your community from Utah, Idaho, and Washington.

We offer a comprehensive 8-round lawn care program, a year-round pest control program, and a year-round tree care program. Senske ensures that you experience the beauty of your property and the peace of mind knowing that your home is pest-free.

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Lawn Care Program

8 Rounds

of Treatment Throughout the Year

Starting Price


per Treatment

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Early Spring

Lawn fertilizer treatments for quick greening and healthy root development.


Lawn fertilizer treatment designed to build turf and keep grass green. Pre-emergent weed control treatment. Lawn insect control and crabgrass control as needed.

Early Summer

Slow release fertilizer treatment prevents heat stress and maintains growth. Weed control, grub control, and billbug control
as needed.


Lawn fertilizer treatment restores vitality during summer heat. Weed control targets fall blooming weeds.


Broadleaf weed control to promote healthy growth in the spring and reduces future weed problems.

Late Fall

Specialized sulphur lawn treatment helps balance soil pH level for increased nutrient availability.

All Seasons

Lawn aeration to allow grass to absorb more water and nutrients throughout the year. Core aeration effectively improves the health of lawns.

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Pest Control Program


Pest Control Treatment

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per Treatment

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Full-Service Pest Control Service

We provide consistent protection throughout the year with our seasonal pest control services.

Inside Home Service Upon Request

Our technicians are properly trained and equipped to handle both commercial service calls and home service calls. Just ask!

Treatment for Top 10 Common Pests

We cover the basics and then some. Our technicians are well-experienced with a plethora of pests ranging from ants, rodents, and more!

Unlimited On-Site Service Calls

We don’t give up until the problem is solved. That’s part of the Senske Guarantee!

Professionally Licensed Technicians

You can have peace of mind when our professionally licensed and trained technicians come to your door. Each one is background-checked and drug-screened.

Seasonal Strategies

We adapt our treatments with the changing seasons and hatching cycles.

Adapted for Our Environment

Being a local company, our pest control is designed with our unique climate and natural environment in mind.

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Tree Care Program


Tree Care

Starting Price


per Treatment for Spraying*

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*Does Not Include Pruning

Dormant Treatment

Tree application that protects against tree pests and tree diseases during winter dormancy.


Tree inspection and analysis for spring insects and diseases. Prevention for threats such as powder mildew and adelgids.


Tree pest inspection and control for scale insects, tree borers, and aphids.

Late Summer

Tree pest inspection and control for summer pests such as spider mites and aphids.


Late season pest control for mites and other tree and shrub pests.

Spring / Fall

Tree injections apply nutrients to the root zone of trees and shrubs. Injection treatments stimulate growth and helps recovery from summer drought and winter cold.

Spring / Summer / Fall

Soil injection for tree pest control prevents insects such as aphids long-term. Recommended for annual treatment.

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