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Up to 8 Stations Winterized! Qualified and Guaranteed Service.*

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    Winterize Your Sprinklers with Our Qualified and Guaranteed Service*

    Senske is proud to offer winterizing sprinkler systems for homes and businesses. Once scheduled, our professional technicians will come out and ensure sprinkler blowout is done properly to protect your pipes in the fall, as well as come out in the spring to restart your system.

    Starting at $150.00, our licensed and insured technicians will properly winterize your sprinklers (up to 8 stations) to prevent broken pipes during winter. We understand the frustration of dealing with broken irrigation pipes. We guarantee our work so you can enjoy the season stress-free!

    Save Time, Money, and Stress

    It is critical for homeowners to make sure to winterize or blow out their sprinkler systems. Broken irrigation pipes can cause severe damage not only to your sprinkler system, but to your property, especially your lawn, due to flooding.

    To prevent such costly repairs and damage, we recommend homeowners to hire trained and experienced professionals to winterize your irrigation system. Senske Services guarantees our work in case there are issues when the system starts up again in the spring.​

    Appointments Fill Up Fast!

    Each season, our blowout schedule fills up quickly. If you will need your sprinklers winterized soon, we urge you to get on our list and schedule an appointment ASAP. Don’t miss out!

    * Full guarantee valid only if sprinkler startup is completed by Senske Services.

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    Senske offers full service Lawn Care, Tree Care and Pest Control year around. We serve parts of your community from Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Washington. Plans include a comprehensive lawn care program, a year-round pest control program, and a year-round tree care program. Senske ensures that you experience the beauty of your property and the peace of mind knowing that your home is pest-free.

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