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    Spiders Creeping About?  Protect The Ones You Love, Take Control Today!

    Are spiders lurking in your home? Treatments start at $47.95 with annual pest control plan. Let Senske Services help!

    Senske is a pest control expert with more than 70 years experience ridding properties of pests. Our residential pest control service includes:

    • A local expert technician specializing in the pests of your area, certified in your state and using solutions approved by both state and federal agencies.
    • A guaranteed job for a pest-free environment. If the critters come back, so do we. That’s the rock-solid Senske Promise.
    • A quarterly program or bi-monthly program to remove pests and prevent them from returning. Our residential pest control program is based on quarterly service in all service areas except for Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, we treat for pests bi-monthly (every other month)

    Let us protect your home & eradicate your pests!

    Get professional pest management from the experts with quarterly service calls.

    • We control the most common pests in our area
    • Specialty pest control including bedbugs
    • Nuisance outdoor wildlife control
    • Over 70 years of experience in pest control

    You get:

    • Unlimited on-site service calls
    • Targeted service inside your home at your request
    • And, if the pests come back, we come back!

    Our pest control program is guaranteed!

    • Quarterly service schedule to ensure consistent protection
    • Strategies targeted for each season’s pests and hatching cycles
    • Control designed for our unique climate and natural environment
    • Professionally licensed, trained and insured pest management experts

    $47.95 First Treatment
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    The Senske Promise

    At Senske, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our work is completed when you're satisfied with a job well done. In short, we're happy when you're happy.

    Senske offers full service Lawn Care, Tree Care and Pest Control year around. We serve parts of your community from Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Washington. Plans include a comprehensive lawn care program, a year-round pest control program, and a year-round tree care program. Senske ensures that you experience the beauty of your property and the peace of mind knowing that your home is pest-free.

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