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Termite control needed for a termite infestation shown in image.

Termite Pest Control is essential to structural upkeep.

Wet, mild winters and warm spring days lead to an annual rite of spring known as the termite swarm. If you notice a termite swarm, or what appears to be hundreds of “flying ants” in or around your house/home, this could be a sign of a serious termite infestation that needs to be dealt with before it gets worse.

While there are several types of termites, the most common in the West region is the Western Subterranean Termite. These termites are considered major structural pests, and can cause severe damage to the house structure.

Since you are reading this, you have probably seen a termite or something you think might be a termite. Except under unusual conditions, we normally don’t expect termites to be out in the open. Only when they prepare to spread the colony, do they send out ‘alates’ or a winged caste of reproductives. They look like small flying ants, however if you look closely, it is easy to tell the difference. A casual observation will help you know for sure if you have ants or termites.

termites compared to ants for termite control comparison

  • Termites have small straight antennae; ants are elbow shaped
  • Termites have a straight waistline; ants are pinched in the middle, kind of like a wasp
  • Termites have two pair of wings, one over the top of the other that are the same length.  Ants have two pair of wings that are not the same size or shape. 

Sometimes we see these insects crawling around on the floor or near a window sill. Sweep a few up into a zip lock bag and bring them into our office or contact us. We’ll tell you what you have found right then and there.

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Senske Termite and Pest Control can help you by customizing a termite prevention and control program that will protect your home from termite infestation and damage. If you are getting ready to sell your home, our certified inspectors can prepare the paperwork you will need for the transaction at a very affordable price.

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To protect your property from the ravages of termite infestation, contact Senske Pest Control at (877) 944-4007 or request an estimate online for an inspection by our termite experts who will provide a no-obligation treatment estimate.  

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