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Hornet ​Removal

The phrase “You kicked a hornet’s nest” takes on a whole new meaning when you are actually faced with a swarm of angry hornets. A nests of hornets, formed by a queen usually in sheltered areas such as roof overhangs, can reach up to 700 workers at its peak in late spring. Each one of these worker hornets has a stinger that can be used multiple times when feeling threatened.

One aspect that makes hornets more of a pain, literally, than other similar stinging insects is that their venom carries a high level of acetylcholine. Add that to the fact that because its stinger is not barbed, a hornet can sting a person multiple times.

Another reason hornets are more dangerous than some of their counterparts is their ability to release a pheromone when in danger that mobilizes the whole nest to attack one victim. Taking care when dealing with hornets is strongly encouraged because the only thing more dangerous than dealing with one hornet is dealing with an entire hive.

How to Deal with a Hornet Infestation

The easiest way to deal with a swarm of angry hornets is to take care of their hives before they have the chance to grow. Getting rid of hives in their infancy can solve problems before they have a chance to start, but be careful, because even small hives contain hornets that can attack.

Hornet queens also like to build their hives in protected dark areas such as roof overhangs. Placing a low-watt light bulb in areas where hornets tend to build can discourage them. Take care when planting boxwoods and firs next to your home because they make great environments for hornets and other stinging insects.

Hornets are a big fan of over-ripe fruit and other sweets. Also keep garbage in a sealed container to eliminate the temptation for hornets. Placing hornet traps next to these prime feeding locations can be a good step in dealing with a hornet problem.

Senske’s Hornet Control Services

For mature hives, we recommend that you contact a professional pest control company. Hornets can be too dangerous to deal with in large quantities. Instead of risking your own safety contact ​our stinging insect control specialists today at (877) 944-4007 or request an estimate online.

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