Why Bed Bugs and Why Now?


It is not entirely clear why the increased frequency of bed bugs has hit the United States recently.  There are several reasons why we are just now hearing more about bed bugs.  The reintroduction of bed bugs into our lives started about twenty years ago with more frequent reports of bed bugs in hotels.  This is likely due to ‘hitchhikers’ that came on board travelers as the frequency of travel increased, not only domestically, but also internationally.

hotel-sign.jpgPest control strategies started to change in the hospitality industry at about the same time there was a resurgence of bed bugs.  It was once common to spray hotel rooms with sprays along the baseboards for control of a broad list of pests.  The few bed bugs that were transferred by travelers were likely caught up by the routine pest control procedures.

That strategy changed at about the time bed bugs started to rear their ugly heads.  We started being more specific in how we controlled pests in sensitive living and food prep areas.  Baits and very specific biological controls were introduced into the processes we used, and bed bugs were caught up in the net of routine pest control services.

What would your mother say?

Not to worry.  Bed bugs aren’t about sanitation.  In fact, a clean house has little to do with where the bed bugs came from.  There are many possibilities, but you likely played a role.

Bed bugs are good hitch hikers. If you have traveled, you more than likely have encountered bed bugs along the way. They may have jumped aboard your luggage or clothing, and unknowingly, you let them stowaway in your travels.

Other ways that have become more common in our modern lifestyle is a reflection of how we live.  Rented furniture and reconditioned mattresses can be a source.  Delivery vans that come to your home or business may have become infested and the bed bug took one look at your home from the cold van and saw a nice sirloin steak awaiting them.   And, yes, if you live in multi-family apartments and/or condominiums, there is a possibility that they made their way to your home from the attached neighbors.

Tell your mother it is not your fault!

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