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So you’ve made through the winter. The snow is finally melting and you’re ready to get spring started the right way with a green lawn. To your horror though, when you walk outside you see a large patch of blighted, straw colored grass that appears to be glued together. This unfortunate sight is called snow mold and is a disease that infects most grass types that are exposed to a period of freezing temperatures and snow.

Snow mold is normally the first lawn disease that shows up during the year and is classified as two types of mold, called gray snow mold, and pink snow mold. Control of the infection when it minor can be achieved through a light raking, breaking up the clumps of grass. When the infection is more severe control is best achieved by contacted a professional lawn care company.

There are a few ways to help prevent snow mold in your yard.

–        Mow grass until it stops growing in the winter.

–        Clean up all leaves and debris in the fall to keep moisture from being trapped on lawn.

–        Keep large piles of snow from sitting on the lawn for extended amounts of time.

If you’re dealing with snow mold in your lawn and need some assistance. Contact Senske today. Our technicians know how to deal with snow mold, saving you the time and headache, and allowing you to enjoy your spring.

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