Slugs and snails are garden pests that feed mostly on decaying plant matter but they also have a tendency to feed on other living plant tissues as well. They can create a real disaster in your garden areas during spring and summer by leaving holes in your precious flowers, shrubs and tree leaves.

The good news is that there are ways that you can control these pesky critters. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways to reduce slug and snail presence in your yard.

  1. Hand-pick and dispose of the slugs. You can place the slugs in salt water, if you wish. Dispose at your own preference.
  2. Place lures or traps around the yard. These traps bait the snails into a “safe-haven” and then in the morning you simply pick up the trap and dispose of whoever is hiding in there. You can use flat boards, inverted fruit or vegetables, or flower pots with an entrance.
  3. Beer, yeast and honey mixtures as most snails and caterpillars are drawn in by the aroma. Place the beer deep enough in a dish so that when the snails enter they are unable to get back out.
  4. Copper deterrents will give the snails and slugs a little electrical shutterstock_245548225shock and will create a barrier around plants, shrubs or tree bases.
  5. Shells, bark, and cinder placed inside of the soil will make a snail’s regular route an unpleasant one because it will scratch them.
  6. Natural predators like chickens, snakes and birds will commonly feed on snails and slugs.


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