should you blow out your sprinklers

As we enter into November the weather is continuing to get colder, and our attention starts to move off of our yard, and more onto the holidays. Before we fully switch our focus away from our lawns, however, there is one very important step that needs to be completed.

As lawn owners we spend a lot of money on keeping our lawn green and healthy. One crucial part of our lawn care strategy is to make sure that our sprinkler system is working properly. This doesn’t go away after we stop watering for the winter. Winterizing your system, also known as blowing out your sprinklers, can be a make it or break it step in maintaining your system.

As the weather cools down the ground starts to freeze. When the freeze reaches the level or you system lines, and there is water in them, they can freeze and break. When lines freeze they can also cause:

  • Cracked Pipes
  • Pipe fittings can crack
  • Vales and Anti-Siphon devices can break and be very expensive to replace.

Getting water on your lawn early in the spring is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to keep your lawn healthy and keeping weeds out. Your sprinkler system, and making sure it is working properly, is a huge piece of the plan to keep your lawn healthy, and wintering your sprinkler system should be part of regular maintenance.

Don’t let winter come and ruin your sprinkler system. Make sure your system is winterized and you get sprinkler blowout services. 



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