This week is National Bed Bug Awareness Week and the experts at Senske Services are looking to spread awareness and provide bed bug prevention tips as the summer travel season approaches. Bed bugs are still a problem here in the United States, and each year, coming across bed bugs in public places are becoming increasingly more common than in previous years past.

Bed bugs are not about sanitation – in fact a clean house or hotel room has little to do with where the bed bugs came from. In most situations, people are the cause of transporting these little bugs from one place to another. This is especially the case for travelers, as bed bugs are known to attach themselves to luggage and clothing.

Senske offers the following prevention tips to consider when you travel:

  1. Before you enter a hotel room, perform a thorough inspection the room; pull back sheets and look for bed bug stains in the seams of the mattresses. Also make sure to inspect all the furniture, couches and chairs, behind the headboard.
  2. If you see any evidence that may appear suspicious, notify management immediately to change rooms or even to change hotels. Do not change to rooms next to, above or below the room that may have cause for possible infestation.
  3. To prevent unwanted travelers from nesting, place your luggage into plastic bags or protective covers.
  4. When you arrive home, inspect your luggage before you bring them inside and as an added measure, vacuum them before storing.
  5. Wash all clothing, even those unworn in hot water to eradicate any potential bed bugs and their eggs.

For more information on bed bug prevention, visit Senske Pest Control. If you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your home or business, Senske recommends conducting an inspection before any cleaning or rearranging has occurred. As always, Senske has experienced and licensed professional pest control technicians to assist with inspections and treatment plans.

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