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To most people, it may seem much too early to even be speaking about the holidays, but to us at Senske, we feel like Christmas is right around the corner. With that being said, we are excited to launch our Annual Decorated Family Program, which provides free holiday light installation.

Some of you may know that Senske has held an ongoing commitment to this program every year since 2003. For those unfamiliar with the program, The Decorated Family program began when a former Senske manager was spending the holidays with his family. He began to wonder how many American soldiers serving overseas would not be able to share in those same cherished memories with their families. From there, it was apparent that we needed to find a way to give back to our military personnel for their dedication and service to our country.shutterstock_156928625

We decided to begin a program that would allow friends and families to nominate a soldier; past or present, and then reward that soldier by providing professional light installation for the holidays. We thought of no better way to spread some joy than to furnish an entire home with Christmas decorations. Since 2003, the program has greatly progressed and is now offered throughout the country. The annual decorated family program now reaches around 200 families per year.

With Veteran’s Day a few weeks away, we thought this would be an opportune time to promote the military-inspired program, and also give you time to get your nominations in place. We are currently accepting nominations through our decorated family page. Please remember to provide us with a name, phone number, address, and email as well as the story of your nomination.

All nominations are due on November 19th, as we will be choosing our winner on the 21st at 12:00 pm PST.

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