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Senske since its inception in 1947 has always been about people. We are about proving a service to our customers that will not only put their mind at ease but also enhance their quality of life. We believe that everyone is entitled to a beautiful lawn that they are their family can relax in. We also believe that everyone is entitled to feel safe in their own home, free from insects and rodents interfering with their life.

Senske believes in treating people like they are worthy of not only 100% of our attention and effort, but also like they are part of our family. Our lawn and pest technicians approach serving homes like they were serving their own, with every ounce of care and attention it deserves.

On top of providing treatments, Senske also believes in giving our customers all the information they need to feel secure and comfortable with our services. Our customer service representatives and field technicians have numerous years of experience and training, which enables them to offer our customers knowledgeable answers to their concerns.

At the end of the day Senske is a company that cares about the people our serve. We offer every customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that when the service is complete our customers can be proud to have done business with Senske. Our guarantee also ensures that even if for some reason a customer isn’t satisfied with a service we have provided we are committed to returning until satisfaction is achieved.

Senske believes in our services and our customers, and we dedicate our time to keeping that confidence strong. Remember “Senske, It’s a lifestyle”

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