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In honor of National Lawn Care month, we’re releasing information and tips on how to best water lawns as warmer weather approaches.

During this time of year, many homeowners turn their attention to their lawns in the hope of growing lush, green grass. Fortunately, applying consistent watering practices can help in the creation of a beautiful yard. Warmer temperatures are coming and it is important to understand how to water efficiently and effectively, not only to maintain a healthy lawn but also to take part in water conservation.
Here are some tips for getting started.

Homeowners and groundskeepers who utilize sprinklers should adjust those sprinklers so that the sprinklers are watering the lawn only and not accidentally watering the sidewalk, street or driveway. This is very important for water conservation. Anyone dealing with watering restrictions should water less frequently and gradually reduce the amount of water used. This will help alleviate potential stress on your lawn if a total ban on watering becomes necessary.

Many homeowners wonder if there is a “best time” to water the lawn. According to the experts at Senske, early morning hours are the best because the cooler temperatures slow down water evaporation. Watering should be avoided during midday hours when it is hot and sunny to prevent scalding the turf.
Overall, one inch of water per week is just right for maintaining a healthy lawn. Overwatering can promote lawn diseases that can directly impact the health of a lawn. A simple test to determine if a lawn needs water is to walk on the grass. If footprints are left, then it is time to water.
Mowing grass to a height of 2.5 inches to 3 inches is recommended, as taller grass shades the roots and soil surface which helps to reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation. In addition, reducing the amount of foot traffic on the lawn as much as possible will allow the grass to grow longer to reduce moisture loss.

Aeration is also highly recommended by the lawn experts at Senske to maximize watering efforts. Lawn aeration removes cores of soil from the lawn, which allows air, water and nutrients to move deeper into the soil. It also relieves compaction of the soil, letting water penetrate the surface properly to encourage deep root growth.

“Weed and insect control treatments can benefit the lawn by reducing the severity of potential turf damage,” says Dan Warehime, VP of Operations.
Senske has experienced and licensed professional lawn care technicians to assist in aeration and irrigation. For more information on preparing yards for spring and summer, visit Senske Lawn & Tree Care for a free estimate. Right now Senske Services is offering an introductory special offer of two free treatments to new customers who sign up for a full lawn care program.

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