thanksgiving favorites

With Thanksgiving approaching tomorrow we took some time today and asked our Customer Service Representatives what some of their holiday favorites where in terms of food. One great thing about the holidays is the diverse family traditions and foods. We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and a great kick off to the holiday season.

Keegan – “Stuffing out of the bird because my Grandma used to make it that way and I try to recreate it every year.”
Natalia - "Tamales because I get to make them with my family every year"
Natalia – “Tamales because I get to make them with my family every year”
Frankie – “My favorite is ham because you can eat it with everything, and turkey just makes me tired. “
Kelsey – “Definitely mashed potatoes, because it is delicious and everyone loves mashed potatoes”
Taylor – “I am not on big on Thanksgiving food so I always hit Jack-n-The-Box for two tacos and two bacon cheese burgers”
Sarah – “Apple crisp because it’s an experiment every year. It could be great or not so much.”
Scott - "Sweet potatoes because I don't get to have them a lot. They don't really fit with other seasons."
Scott – “Sweet potatoes because I don’t get to have them a lot. They don’t really fit with other seasons.”

Happy Thanksgiving From All Of Us At Senske Services

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