What is scale?

Scale is a type of insect pest that usually hides in evergreen or deciduous trees. They are mostly found on leaves, twigs, branches or trunks of trees. They are very small insects and are easy to go unnoticed. Their bodies have a shell-like feature.

There are two main types of scale

Softscale- Create a thin wavy layer over themselves.

Armored- Use skin to produce a hard like shell cover.


 What kind of damages can these insects cause?

They can remove vital plant fluids by sucking them through their mouths.

The leaves and needles can stunt the growth of the tree and make the leaves look yellow.

Twigs and branches can die and the whole tree can actually die depending on the size of the infestation.

They can create a sticky substance, called honeydew that can drop on cars, patios, furniture, etc.

 What is the best way to control scale? scale2

Visually inspect the tree to determine if the insects are present and from there you can apply an insecticide to treat them. Call a professional to assist you should you need help identifying them.

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