Rats and mice each have distinctive properties that can help you identify exactly you are dealing with, should they ever get into your home.  Below, let’s look at the most common rodent profiles to help you distinguish them from one another, but hopefully you never have to. Contact us today for any rodent control service needs.

Norway Rat:

Color: Brownish-Redshutterstock_149284376

Length: 12-18 Inches

Body Features: Thick body, blunt nose

Diet: Meat, Fish, Grains, most anything

Nests: Likes to burrow, lives near water sources

Travel: 90-450 ft from food and water sources


Roof Rat:

Color: Dark Gray

Length: 13-17 inchesshutterstock_83474806

Body Features: Thin body, pointed nose

Diet: Fruits, vegetables, seeds, & grains

Nests: Likes to Climb, lives in trees or rooftops

Travel: 100-300 ft from food and water sources


House Mouse:

Color: Dark Gray, Blackshutterstock_137911061

Length: 6-7 inches

Body Features: Small head and body

Diet: Grains, cereals, meats, & fish

Nests: Likes to nest in corners of a home

Travel:  10-30 feet from food and water sources


Deer Mouse:

Color: Grayish to reddish brown with a white belly

Length: 5-8 inchesshutterstock_49595140

Body: Round and slender body, with pointed nose. Large black, beady eyes.

Diet: Insects, fungi, & fruit

Nests: Prefers natural cavities of trees but also nests in logs & stumps.

Travel: Less than 500 feet from food and water sources.

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