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 Pigeons typically breed in buildings found in urban areas, where they will live in flocks and inhabit themselves to establish a permanent home.

The most common type of damage pigeons cause is by their droppings. The build-up of droppings can result in a fire hazard, clogged heating or ac units, and safety hazards through slipping. Droppings also can contain diseases and can actually eat away your roof. Furthermore, pigeons carry many diseases such as west nile virus, salmonella, and meningitis.

The easiest way to control pigeons is with a licensed professional’s help. If you are dealing with pigeons at this time, it is best to make sure to clean shutterstock_244124359up the dropping with gloves, a mask and disinfectant. Also, be sure to not leave any sources of food or water readily available to encourage inhabitance. The most effective way to control these birds is through trapping, staking, or scare tactics.

If you would like more information on pest bird control and pigeon control, please call 1-800-533-6330.


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