Necrotic ring spot is a disease that is found in many lawns. The cause is from a parasite that has been formed in fungi, which in turn feeds off of the grass to draw the nutrients from it. It is commonly referred NRSto as the frog eye because of its appearance. The most common culprit of necrotic ring spot is because of weather that has been long and wet is then followed up by a hot and dry period. The easiest way to diagnose the disease in your lawn is by examining the root tissue to discover dark, fungal threads.

The disease will quickly spread throughout the lawn if it is not treated in a prompt manner. It spreads through the spores that are found in the fungi and natural elements wind, water and air will only make the spreading occur more quickly.  Necrotic ring spot will attack a lawn early in the season and get progressively worse once the weather warms. It can be difficult to control without a professional’s assistance.

You can identify necrotic ring spot by the appearance of perfectly shaped rings of yellow grass, then perfectly healthy grass inside. These rings can range anywhere from a few inches all the way up to a few feet.imagesCYBDM5GP

Make sure not to overwater your lawn if you are experiencing necrotic ring spot and never apply water at night because this encourages the fungus to spread.

If you would like more information on lawn care treatment options for necrotic ring spot, please call 1-800-533-6330.

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