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We all hate weeds in our lawns. At the same time there are concerns about using chemicals to treat weeds, especially if a family has small children or dogs. While chemicals used by trained lawn care professionals, such as those at Senske Services, are safe for your pets and family, natural weed control can also be an alternative to chemicals.

One of the most crucial natural weed control service methods is to keep your lawn as healthy as possible. Lawn weeds thrive in areas where grass is thin or in patches. Making sure your grass is cut at the right height is a great way to make sure that your lawn grows thick and healthy. Grass cut at the right height (between 2 ½ to 3 inches tall) helps to shade out weed seeds, and seedlings. This keeps the weeds from getting sunlight that they need to grow. It’s also important to mow frequently. This helps you to remove new flowers on weeds along with seeds that never get a chance to mature and then spread out through your lawn.

Along with mowing the two other important aspects of keeping your lawn healthy and weed free is to water properly and fertilize your lawn. Watering your lawn properly helps to eliminate dry patches where weed seeds don’t have to compete with healthy grass for nourishment. Fertilization also helps to keep your grass thick and healthy, choking out weed seeds before they can grow. It’s also a great idea to fertilize and water your grass early in the growing season giving your lawn a jump start before soil temperatures warm and weed seeds start to germinate.

Finally, although it seems like a lot of hard work, hand weeding your lawn is one of the most effective ways to keep weeds from spreading through your lawn. The important thing to remember when pulling weeds is to make sure you get down to the root of the weed and get the whole thing. Some lawn weeds can continue to grow and spread if you do not get the entire root out of the ground. It’s also more beneficial to pull weeds while they are young, and before they have a chance to mature and produce seeds. This keeps the weeds from spreading throughout the lawn and making what started as a minor problem into a huge issue.

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