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For many years, April has held the title of National Lawn Care Month in the United States.  And since April is the open doorway to spring, it is more than the perfect time to increase awareness of the benefits that come along with a well-tended lawn.

Having a healthy lawn does not only provide a place of sanctuary and a place to make memories with your family, but it also has some established environmentally impacting benefits. Of the most popular include creating oxygen, removing carbon dioxide from the air and filtering out ground water to reduce the  pollutants that reach our lakes, rivers, and oceans. Not to mention that having a lush, green and healthy lawn just feels good, and will also help put some extra change in your pocket should you ever decide to sell your property.

The PLANET associate, who is dedicated to creating and maintaining green living spaces, has a page on their website that is dedicated to National Lawn Care Month. @


On this website you will find facts, stats, and tips for you, the lawn-loving homeowner!

This spring, let’s be proactive and learn what we can do to make our lawn the greenest on the block.

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