Many homeowners will come across the problem of moss in their lawns and call in to find out remedies to get rid of it.

Below, we will discuss what causes moss to better understand ways that you can control it. moss

What causes it?


Grass does not grow well in the shade and typically the areas that are shaded will gather more water and can be very damp. Since the grass isn’t growing, these areas can become patch without any warmth or light from the sun which naturally allows the soil to dry out.

Wet soil & Poor Drainage:

Compacted soil or heavy soil with a clay consistency can cause it to frequently become water-logged. The roots of the grass need oxygen to survive so if your lawn is not getting that oxygen, a ideal environment for moss to grow presents itself instead.

Cutting the lawn too short:

This is one of the most common reasons why moss grows. If you are removing the healthy lawn on a regular basis, your lawn becomes more susceptible for moss to thrive.

Acidic Soil:

If you are noticing moss in the lawn, it might be an indication that your lawn is high in acidic components.

 How to get rid of moss?

First, find the culprit to the problem and from there you can determine the best solution.

You can aerate the lawn if it has poor drainage or a thick thatch layer build up to increase oxygen flow through the root system. If your lawn isn’t getting enough sunlight you can attempt to open that area up to more natural sun light by pruning trees and reducing shade. Lastly, if you believe that the soil of your lawn is too acidic then you can apply a treatment that will help balance the pH level of your lawn to reduce acidity levels.


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