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Have you ever looked out at your lawn to discover that it has taken a brownish green color caused by the grass producing seeds? This is a sign that your lawn has moved past the ideal vegetation stage and is now in the reproductive stage. These seeds can be a result of neglect or malnutrition in your lawn. The seeds will give your lawn the appearance almost of growing wheat, and give the grass a rough feel, making it no longer a relaxing place to walk through barefoot on a summer afternoon.

Your lawn can start to seed for a few different reasons, including being stressed out in the warm weather of summer. Grass will start to seed as a last ditch effort to start a new generation before it dies. The problem gets worse because the lawn, which is already stressed out, spends whatever energy it has left producing the seed, leading to bare and thin patches that are perfect places for weeds to grow.

Lawns can also start to see when left to grow too long. The best practice is to keep your lawn trimmed to between 3 and 4 inches to keep it healthy and out of the reproduction stage. Also making sure that your lawn is getting the nutrition that it needs will keep it healthy enough to remain in the vegetation stage and growing thick and soft.

The best way to keep your lawn from seeding is through proper watering, fertilization, and mowing. Proper lawn maintenance is the key factor in keeping your lawn healthy and full. Making sure that your lawn is getting the nutrition it needs can be a time consuming endeavor, so employing a lawn care professional, like those at Senske Services, can ensure your lawn is getting the fertilizer it needs at the proper times and staying healthy all year.

If you have any other questions on keeping your lawn healthy, and seed free, click here to learn more about Senske’s Lawn Care control Programs.

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