As the season starts to change it’s important that home owners don’t  forget about their lawns. Taking care of your lawn in late summer/early fall can be crucial to ensuring your lawn is healthy and ready to go when spring arrives. As we head into this important time of year for you lawn, Senske Services wants to share our top tips to care for your lawn. We will be sharing tips through our blog over the upcoming weeks, so make sure to check back for some great information on taking care of your lawn during the late summer and early fall.

Tip #1: Overseeding

            shutterstock_136965278Over the dry months of summer, bare patches can appear in your lawn. These bare patches are prime locations for weeds to sprout up in the spring. The best protection against lawn weeds is to have a full and thick lawn. As homeowners mow their lawn over the spring and summer months, the lawn never gets into the seeding stage. This can lead the grass to have an old look because it’s never able to create new growth. This makes it harder for your lawn to compete with weeds in the spring.

Although some think that the spring is the best time to seed a lawn, the late summer and early fall is actually the best time. During the spring homeowners often apply herbicide or other products to their lawn to protect against lawn weeds, such as crabgrass. Unfortunately many times if a lawn is seeded in the spring those products will also keep the lawn seeds from germinating. By overseeding in the fall, homeowners can ensure that their seeds are able to germinate.

When overseeding a lawn it’s important to make sure that the seeds are able to get into the ground and have enough water. Combining overseeding with an aeration service (we will cover aeration in a later post) is the best way to ensure that the seeds get down into the soil. After the seeds have been sown it’s also important to make sure the area stays damp until the seeds start to sprout, and then normal watering practices can be used.

For more information on overseeding, and other late summer/early fall lawn care service options, contact Senske Services at 877-944-4007 and speak to one of our expert customer service representatives about our full lawn care program.

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