Why Aeration’s are a must for a healthy lawn

As we approach the fall season, and the weather temperature starts to decrease, we find that this is an opportune time to consider aerating your lawn. Cool temperatures along with diminished weed growth are both ideal circumstances to make core aeration successful.

Aeration Plugs
Aeration is a important part of lawn maintenance.

Aeration decreases soil compaction and thatch build up, as well as improves the overall appearance of areas in your lawn that have poor drainage. You might be experiencing soil compaction in high traffic areas that are frequented by family members or pets. Another sign of soil compaction is if you notice that an area of your lawn is not greening up after fertilizing, or that you are over watering and the lawn is still appearing very dry.

Aeration allows air and nutrients to get deep into the roots where it is needed.
Aeration allows air and nutrients to get deep into the roots where it is needed.

The process of core aeration consists of perforating small holes into the soil of the lawn to create plugs or “cores”, and then placing those cores back onto the lawn’s surface. These cores will break down naturally within two weeks and deposit nutrients back into the lawn. In addition, the holes that are left in the lawn allow water, air and fertilizer to penetrate deep into the root zones to establish stronger roots, which in turn provides a healthier, lush lawn for the homeowner. Aeration also creates an optimal setting to overseed because of its direct seed and soil contact.

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