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With the holidays in full swing and Christmas around the corner, there are plenty of neighborhoods festooned with cheery lights and ornaments. If you are looking to add a little extra pizzazz to your home or advice in holiday decorating, Senske is here to help you get into the holiday spirit.

Holiday Decorating Ideas – Be Your Own Holiday Decorator

1. Start with your front door. Often times, the eye is naturally drawn to the front door of your house. After all, this is where your visitors will be headed! Wreaths are always a great addition, while garlands and string lights can be used to create a frame around the entrance. You could even try wrapping empty boxes and stacking them by the door as a nice accent. Once you have finished your home’s entrance, you are on your way to a truly festive home!

2. Outdoor luminarias are beautiful decorations at night, and helpful for guests to find their footing. Electric luminarias are safe bet (no fire) and can withstand cold temperatures. Lining your porch steps or front walk helps paint an inviting picture up to your already charming front door.

3. If you have a covered front porch or stoop, setting up decor could be a fun idea. A small table set up with pine cones, festive candles or lanterns (unlit), or other wintry items adds something a little more special to your home’s entrance.

4. Try adding a wreath or garland to your mailbox!

5. Do you have empty planters or flower pots? Try wrapping them with holiday lights and use them to hold decorative candy canes, branches, evergreen shrubs, or other kinds of greenery. Even mundane decorations can be spruced up with a little holiday flair.

Need a Little Help? Hire a Holiday Decorating Service

Senske loves the holidays, so much we helpholiday-lights-installation our communities celebrate each season. Our expert decorators can help you decorate your home with holiday lights. From the roof, to windows, pillars, trees, shrubs, and much more, we have your back. You can have more time to be with loved ones less time decorating.

Senske also serves commercial properties who want a professional and festive appearance for the holiday season. We handle installation and take down at the end of the season so you won’t have to worry about the details.

Give Senske a call this year. Let us help you celebrate this holiday season!

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